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About Elizabeth


About Me:

I am Elizabeth Zinn, adventure is my middle name... No, really it is Dawn, and art, adventure and inspiring others is my game.


My life of adventure started by being the daughter of a military man. Then after High School, I joined the Air Force and began my own journey of adventure. Romance too began on the other side of the world in the Philippines where I met Paul while serving with him. We continued our adventures together for twenty-eight and a half years. We were blessed with two incredibly gifted young adults - Alicia and Paul who have impacted both the creative and business worlds.

Our family lived in North Carolina for thirteen and a half years

until my husband passed away from cancer.  


Travel is a passion

and I spent most of my life traveling the world

on some crazy adventures to places like 

Saudi Arabia, South Africa, Cuba and many more.

With all this experience she is able to offer her guests an excellent vacation rental experience. 

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